My name is João Pereira Lemos Costa and I'm a brazilian Technical and FX Artist, actually living and working in Paris, France.

I'm passionate about procedural art generation, having experiences with various different techniques and supports, such as texture generation with Substance Designer or modeling with Houdini or Blender, Blueprint or C++ coding for UE4 and many others.

I'm versed various code languages, such as Python, C#, MEL and MaxScript as well as different levels of basic skills with C++, GLSL, HLSL.

My portfolio is available here:

To date, these are the main projects in which I worked on:


Moto Racer 4

The ABC Murders Game


On my free time I enjoy playing video-games, modeling, solving math problems, playing and/or watching rugby, learning languages (I speak Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, and I'm currently starting to learn Swedish), and cooking, with a special taste for south-american and african dishes.